Our 2023 Schedule of Events

We are thrilled to invite local women to our 2023 event for panel discussions on Women & Leadership and Women in Outdoor Adventure, along with other presentations. We will be adding more details and a schedule soon. More speakers on the way!

  • 10am – Doors Open
  • 10:15am – Iconic Dance demo
  • 10:30am – Presentation by Erin Brookhart — Style for Every body: Empowerment Through Inclusive Fashion
  • 10:55am – Raffle
  • 11am – Presentation by Wendy Duncan — The Mental Side of Entrepreneurship
  • 11:45am – Raffle
  • 12:30pm – Women in Outdoor Adventure Panel Discussion
  • 1:45pm – Raffle
  • 2:15pm – Raffle
  • 2:30pm – Women and Leadership Panel Discussion
  • 3:30pm – Grand Prize Raffle
  • 4pm – AdventureUs Women BINGO with prizes

Giveaways & Raffles!

Come down early! We have a free specialty gift bag for the first 150 attendees. Fill up your bag with goodies from our vendors highlighted on your welcome card.

Raffle prizes throughout the day! Check out some of the prizes you could win below.

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Panels & Presentations!

Panel Moderater: Nicole Vulcan

Since 2016, Nicole Vulcan has served as editor of the Source Weekly, Central Oregon’s locally owned, weekly newspaper, which has won dozens of statewide journalism awards under her leadership. Prior to that, Vulcan worked as a news producer for KPTV in Portland, Oregon and KEVN in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Heading up an independent publication like the Source is a dream come true for her, combining her leadership skills with a passion for community journalism and a drive to tell underrepresented stories. She welcomes your comments and thoughtful feedback at editor@bendsource.com.

Women in Outdoor Adventure Panel Discussion - 12:30pm

For girls, early outdoor experiences can boost self-confidence and foster a positive body image – not to mention the beauty and serenity that the outdoors can provide. Join our panel of women leaders whose work and advocacy is aimed at increasing participation in outdoor activities – everything from climbing to mountain biking to bike commuting – for women and BIPOC individuals in Central Oregon. We’ll talk about what changes they hope to see in the outdoor industry, what misconceptions people might have about their respective passions and what inspires them about their work.


Meredith Brandt

Director of Operations for Grit Clinics and Ladies AllRide

Elisa Cheng

President of Bend Bikes

Saveria Tilden

Saveria Tilden

CEO & Founder of AdventurUs Women

Women and Leadership Panel Discussion - 2:30pm

Women today hold leadership roles in nearly every industry and profession – but while there’s representation, there isn’t parity for women and BIPOC leaders. In this panel discussion, Central Oregon women leaders talk about their career paths, their ideas for fostering more inclusive and expansive workplaces, the resources they recommend for other women leaders and aspiring leaders, and where they gain inspiration for that next great idea.


Cheryl Csiky

Cheryl Csiky

Executive Director of In Our Bakyard

Danetha Doe

Founder of Money & Mimosas

Jesse Durham

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Owner of Sisters Coffee Company
[Photo by Megan Baker]


Style for Every body: Empowerment Through Inclusive Fashion - 10:30am

If you’ve ever glanced at the cover of Vogue or caught a glimpse of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, how did it make you feel? Chances are, it made you feel inadequate about your body, your skin, your ‘flaws’. Every day, we are inundated with airbrushed images of goddess-like women and ‘ideal’ body types. With constant bombardment of perfection, how is it possible to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in your clothes?
As someone with experience in the fashion industry, Erin understands how impactful clothing can be. Her background in high fashion editorial modeling led her to crave realness and representation, a rarity in the profession. She believes that style should not be limited to magazine covers and runways, leading us to feel it is unattainable without the ‘perfect body’. In her talk, she will be exploring how to feel empowered in your unique presentation to the world. 

About Erin Brookhart

The Mental Side of Entrepreneurship - 11am

Wendy Duncan, of Wendy Duncan Personal Development Coaching, will be presenting a power-packed session on the topic of The Mental Side of Entrepreneurship.
Do you ever have challenges with:
     • maintaining positivity, drive, and focus?
     • understanding how your mind works?
     • recognizing your self-sabotaging thoughts, and more importantly, how to eradicate them and course correct?
     • letting go of things that you cannot control?
     • how to crash through your self-imposed blocks?
Wendy is a former Realtor® and understands the challenges that we face in an uncertain economy, let alone starting a new business or maintaining a thriving business. Allow Wendy to assist you in not only unlocking your potential, but to also give you tips and techniques to maintain your laser focus through 2023.

About Wendy Duncan